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Author of Fantasy and Science Fiction.



Calamity, The Saga of Kel’Atar Malavir, The Icarri Elf Book 3.



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  1. Happy Holidays!!! I just wanted you to know I do visit my favorite authors websites!! I love to hear about why you write, inspirations and get news on what’s coming soon!! I do appreciate you creating a website and love your books!!! I’m a new fan and I’m very thankful I found you!! I read 3-4 books a week, depending on length and of course events, like the holidays, that keep us busy this time of year!!! I do have several incurable diseases, MS being the one keeping me bed ridden right now. So your books help me to escape and take adventures without leaving my room!!! Thank you for your insight and creative writing that keeps me going!! Merry Christmas and have a beautiful holiday season!!! Family, friends and the memories we create are my gifts this year!! Love is always in my heart…

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